365 Project – Hamstring & lower glutes

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trading volatility strategies This is a pilates exercise for the hamstring using the reformer. It’s really effective at isolating the hamstring and lower glutes. I use a low spring load and working up to higher resistance over time.

mega pack of books on forex trading My name is Elise May and I am a dancer and choreographer. I am a member of Expressions Dance Company. This year I’ve decided to create my own experiment. I’m going to produce 1 video a day for 365 days…. So for 1 year – 1 video a day. I want to use it as a tool to reflect on the various parts of my practice as an artist. I also want to provide a glimpse of what it is like – a typical day-in-the-life of a dancer to give insight into the professional contemporary dance environment and the nature of this demanding art-form that I have devoted my career.

forex divergence tutorial I’m really throwing myself in the deep end here in creating a video log or video diary. I have no preconceived ideas about what it will be – I will simply get stuck in and await for it to emerge in it’s own unique way…

About Elise May

http://jacobsoncon.com.au/dqn/7986 Elise May is an award winning dancer, choreographer and video/multimedia artist who has worked independently in Australia and is a member of Brisbane’s Expressions Dance Company (EDC).