Elise has choreographed several works as both an independent artist and as guest choreographer for Expressions Dance Company.


“Written on the Body”  for EDC’s “Propel” program in 2017.

“Aida On The Beach” for Opera Australia. Choreography for 10 dancers (six EDC dancers and four guest artists) on Coolangatta Beach

Two short works for “Mozart Airborne” 2017 an EDC and Opera Queensland collaboration. Don Giovanni’s “Mi tradì quell’alma ingrata”  with opera singer Hailey Sugars and A trio for three dancers; Benjamin Chapman, Richard Causer and Jake McLarnon choreographed to Così Fan Tutte’s “Secondate, aurette amiche” collaborating with singers Samuel Piper and Dominic J. Walsh.

Dance With Me’ program in conjunction with Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GMDC) a work for Chinese independent dancers for the in the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival 2017

“Lumen Body”  (choreographer and director)  a site-specific work with animated visual forms by Paul Van Opdenbosch and electronic sound and live vocal performance  by Michelle Xen for Brisbane City Council’s Laneway series.

‘The Man of Many Talents’ (a sequel to ‘The Woman  With Two Smiles’) a solo work Benjamin Chapman in EDC’s ‘Solo Festival of Dance’ in 2014.

‘The Woman With Two Smiles’ a solo work Samantha Mitchell in EDC’s ‘Solo Festival of Dance’ in 2011.

‘End Up’ in March 2008 for  Expressions Dance Company’s “Core Borders’ choreographic season.