Master of Arts – Research

In 2016 Elise completed a Master of Arts (Research) at Queensland University of Technology (Part-time). Her research investigated the intersection between traditional modes of dance performance and other screen-based, interdisciplinary and hybrid approaches to the use of digital media and live performance.

Elise teamed up with fellow researcher and animator Paul Van Opdenbosch, to collaborate and experiment across disciplines. They experimented with the motion capture technology (Xsens inertia-based system) and an optical motion-capture system to capture dance and gestural movement data and bring it into the digital environment where it has been manipulated and become the basis for a series of short abstract animation works.

Shifting Lenses
Dance. Moving Image. Animation. Technology.
A live interactive digital solo performance installation. Shifting Lenses is the creative outcome of Elise May’s Master of Arts (Research) investigating screen-based and interdisciplinary approaches to the use of the moving image and digital media in live performance.

Choreography, Moving Image and Performance: Elise May
Animation:  Paul Van Opdenbosch
Technical Production: Thomas Ash and Kyle Berry
Ólafur Arnalds – Fra upphafi
Alex Mein Smith – Necessity’s Flame