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binary options social trading platforms At the beginning of 2012, Elise commenced a Master of Arts (Research) at Queensland University of Technology (Part-time). Elise would like to use her period of research to further investigate the intersection between traditional modes of dance performance and other screen-based, interdisciplinary and hybrid approaches to the use of digital media and live performance.

http://www.gym-flooring.co.uk/cr50/4322 Elise has teamed up with fellow researcher and animator go here Paul Van Opdenbosch, to collaborate and experiment across disciplines. So far they have played with the latest motion capture technology (Xsens inertia-based system) and an optical motion-capture system to capture dance and gestural movement data and bring it into the digital environment where it has been manipulated and become the basis for a series of short abstract animation works.

365 Project – Company Class

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source Today’s company class in the QPAC rehearsal studio during our Behind Closed Doors season in the Playhouse Theatre.

My name is Elise May and I am a dancer and choreographer. I am a member of Expressions Dance Company. This year …

365 Project – Diagonal planes (floor work)

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By understanding the way the diagonal planes work and how they are connected intrinsically to the movement of the spine, we are able to bring more clarity and effortlessness to our floor work exercises. Here I show a short drill …

365 Project – Video 18

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A short video focusing on various inversions, put simply – upside down postures for the body. There has been some research suggesting that the benefits of inverting the body could have long term positive health impact if practiced regularly. In …

365 Project – Video 14

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I’m so excited to take my new VR (Virtual Reality) goggles out of their box… I bought them in China recently and I have been experimenting with the available online videos that have been created for ‘google cardboard’ and ‘oculus …

En Solitaire – (Solo)

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http://www.discover30a.com/dqc/6175 An experimental study of solo movement inspired by one option in a roulette game is to bet Norman McLaren’s Pas de Deux (1968)

En Solitaire is a creative work that has been created in response to a film that is considered by many to be a masterpiece of early …

Animation & Dance

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Motion Capture

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Master of Arts Research

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bono gratis sin deposito opciones binarias Research Areas of Interest

- Interdisciplinary collaboration
- Dance and animation shared languages and collaborative framework
- The body as site of narrative potential
- How cinematic/digital media handling techniques can be translated and transposed onto the body
- Performative …

Complexity of Practice

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follow site Practice-led Research

To view the overarching context of this research, here is a quick snapshot of the many roles of which I have developed throughout my career as a dance artist:

Dancer / Performer / Soloist
Choreographer / Collaborator
Video …

The Intersection Point

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I am also interested in methods of creation and documentation such as “re-working”, working with a series based approach, or “re-versioning”, a term used to describe a process whereby digital information may be copied from one platform to another without …