Shifting Lenses

wire transfer binary options Shifting lenses is an investigation of screen-based  and interdisciplinary approaches to the use of the moving image and digital media in live performance. Choreography, moving image and performance by Elise May
Master of Arts Research Candidate 2015
Creative Industries
Queensland University of Technology

follow site Animation: Paul Van Opdenbosch
Technical Production: Thomas Ash & Kyle Berry Since I began creating work in my early career I have been concerned with notions of live performance existing in within a world of projected visual imagery. As a contemporary dance artist I have interacted with digital technology and visual imagery choreographically in order to communicate concepts in my work. In doing so, many curiosities and tensions have arisen within my practice which have raised questions about the relationship between the live body, and moving images.

binary options can you really make money As I embarked on my practice-led research the opportunity presented itself to experiment collaboratively with animator Paul Van Opdenbosch, using a Xsens MVN motion capture system.  In working with this new technology and a new working relationship with Paul, I was able to gain a different perspective on my work and my movement data became the basis for three experimental generative animation outcomes.

see url In my research of the history of moving images and animation the concept of ‘chronophotography’ became of particular interest. I was really attracted to the way that the body’s movement could be fractured into smaller components in order to give more time for the viewer’s mind to perceive the temporal qualities of an action or movement.

source I am concerned also with the sensory experience of object, time, space and context.  My practice has suggested that images and bodies both ‘speak’ strongly of ideas and sensory experiences. I want to establish a space where they will co-exist in a dialogue with one another.

bitcoin price in india january 2018 Watch the Full-length version of Shifitng Lenses here:

Music Recordings:
Ólafur Arnalds Fra upphafi
Alex Mein Smith Necessity’s Flame
Murcof: Ulysses (Deathprod Mix)
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross: A Pause for Reflection
Scanner: Passage de Recherche

Shifting Lenses was performed on Thursday 2 July & Friday 3 July, 2015 at 6.30pm in the Woodward Theatre
Creative Industries, QUT, Kelvin Grove Brisbane, Australia.

Special Thanks to:

Paul Van Opdenbosch, Shaaron Boughen, Chris Carter, Kyle Berry, Thomas Ash, Fiona Cullen, Anthony Brumpton, Liesel Thompson and the Woodward Theatre team, QUT

Photography by Fiona Cullen

About Elise May

Elise May is an award winning dancer, choreographer and video/multimedia artist who has worked independently in Australia and is a member of Brisbane’s Expressions Dance Company (EDC).